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This short film is a tribute to classic Star Trek and was created for the website

"The Gatekeeper"

Fantasy / Horror about a woman searching for her brother and winds up finding more than she bargained for when a Rothchilde demon introduces her to the Netherrealm.

"Elephants on the Edge" Trailer

Here is the trailer I edited for a documentary on the

horrors of Elephant poaching.

Visual Effects - Logos & Titles

Film titles and company logo demos.

Visual Effects - Mutt & Stuff VFX

Visual Effects and compositing for Nickelodeon's

"Mutt &Stuff."

"Steve Boosts Eleanor"

Created for the Fusion Motor Company, this short film showcases their Officially Licensed Eleanor Mustang.

Even the musicial score is a direct homage to the 2000 Gone In 60 Seconds remake.

"NOIR" Trailer


Here is the trailer I edited and scored for the film, "Noir."

Visual Effects Showcase

Here is a one minute reel showing various visual effects I've created over the years.  

Visual Effects - Genre VFX

This VFX demo showcases mainly superhero style

visual effects.

Visual Effects - 3D Animation

Various animations created in programs such as

Lightwave 3D, Maya, After Effects and Vue.

Visual Effects - Weapons & Gore

Features digital gun blasts and gore.  WARNING:


"Steve's POV" Show Intro

Pilot TV show intro I edited for the reality travel series, "Steve's POV."

"Tokyo Midnight Lambo Run"

This is a segment I edited for the travel series, "Steve's POV."  It was awarded the Best Viral Video of 2014 at the London Motor Film Festival after it had reached over one million views on Youtube.

*Fun Fact:  Despite the video being in Japanese, I

don't speak one word of it.  I just take direction well.

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